Robert Stewart at Vino Bello

Regular readers of this blog know that Vino Bello is one of our favorite hangouts. We love to go there, kick back and enjoy a glass of wine. The ambience is friendly, you can enjoy the conversation at the bar, or sink into deep leather chairs for a private chat. It’s always fun to stop by Vino Bello.

But “fun” doesn’t begin to describe Vino Bello on Friday night. It was awesome! Robert Stewart, from The Fiasco, performed solo and after listening to his rich, unique voice singing soulful rock, we’re going to buy his new CD as soon as it comes out.

Now if you’re a long-time Seattle resident you’ve probably already heard of both Robert and The Fiasco. And if you haven’t, then we highly recommend that you find out where Robert is playing next and go!

And keep your eye on this blog, because he’s probably coming back to Vino Bello. And what could be better than fine wine, good company and the soulful sounds of Robert Stewart?