Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to family, friends and readers of this blog. Dave and I hope you have a wonderful holiday! We’re thankful for many, many things.

First, always is health and family, followed by good friends and good jobs. We’d also like to give thanks for any unknown blessings already on their way.

Dave and I also are thankful that we’ve had an opportunity to become friends with many people at Washington wineries including Jarrod and Ali, Vida and Ross, Matt, Kathie, Rachel and Shanah at Alexandria Nicole Cellars; Rod and Leslie, Marcus and Cheryl at William Church Winery; Brennon, Patrick, Angie and Kevin, Dan and Helen at Efeste; Kevin and Rebecca at Barrage Cellars; Bijal and Sinead and Jean Claude at The Woodhouse Wine Estates; Marie-Eve at Forgeron Cellars and Gilles at Long Shadows; Charlie, Jess and Cindy at Fidelitas Wines; Mike and Kate at Northwest Totem Cellars; Justin at Va Piano; Neil at Cooper Wine; John, Peggy and Paige at JM Cellars; Mike and Joanne at Dunham Cellars; Cole at Hestia Cellars, Sean and Anna at Gilbert Cellars; Tim and Nancy at Fall Line; Judy and Don at Hard Row to Hoe; Hope and Eric at Heaven’s Cave; Darby at Darby Winery; Trey at Sleight of Hand; new friend Jamie Brown at Waters and 21 Grams; Kathy at O Wines; Amber and Greg at Desert Wind; Bart at Bartholomew Wine; and Mike, Karen, John and Kelly Sauer of Red Willow Vineyard.

And a special shoutout to our Walla Walla gal-pals Jamie at L’Ecole 41; Muriel at Otis Kenyon; Shari at Woodward Canyon; and bestie Catie at Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman.

Of course there are dozens of fabulous friends and wine enthusiasts — too many to name — whom we’ve met on Twitter and Facebook, and we wish you all the best too.

Oh my -we hope we didn’t forget anyone! If so, please blame it on the fact that it’s Wine O’clock on the Wine Wednesday before Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers!

Margot and Dave