We Want to Visit Maryhill Winery!

We’ve never been to Maryhill Winery, but we understand why Wine Press Northwest named it 2009 “Washington Winery of the Year.” In 10 short years, Maryhill grew from a 4,300-case production to more than 80,000 cases.

Their family-owned business, located on the Washington-Oregon border, is considered a destination winery, with a 3,000-square-foot tasting room, breathtaking views of the Columbia Gorge, facilities for weddings and events, and a summer concert series in a 4,000-seat outdoor amphitheater. Of course we want to visit!

And then there’s the wine. Maryhill produces 23 varietals and 28 award-winning wines. So when we were offered a free sample of 2008 Winemaker’s Red to taste, of course we said “yes, thanks.”

This year’s Winemaker’s Red is a blend of 40% Cab Sauv, 30% Merlot, 20% Syrah and 10% Cab Franc. With aromas of dark cherry and caramel, this wine has flavors of cranberry, chocolate and a bit of coffee. We liked it today – the Cab Franc added a special touch that appeals to both our palates – but we recommend cellaring it for a year or two.

With a price point of $14.00, Maryhill’s 2008 Winemaker’s Red is definitely worth a purchase. Previous vintages generated numerous awards, and we expect that the 2008 blend will follow suit.


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3 thoughts on “We Want to Visit Maryhill Winery!

  1. What’s stopping you? We’ve been there several times. Great tasting room and a fantastic selection of wines. We even bought a “tour” in a silent auction last year and got a full-blown tour from the assistant winemaker, followed by our own private tasting. I’ve never been there for a concert, but it is on my “bucket list”. It’s a great stop on a Columbia Gorge wine-tasting tour.

  2. That’s great to hear, Scott. Thanks for your feedback. We’ve done a lot of different wine tours – from Oregon to Bordeaux – but we’ve not taken a Columbia Gorge wine-tasting tour. After hearing your feedback & tasting their wines, it is most definitely on our list. What other tours have you enjoyed?

  3. Wow, with an article like this and a raving review from Scott this is something I would be very interested in.

    Thank you for bringing it to all of our attention. I’m going to check out the link to their site right now!

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