Recent Recommendations from Woodinville

We went to a few release parties and wineries in the last few weeks, and I’m finally finding some time to write about them. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – Washington state makes some excellent wines.

Here are some of the wines that we tasted and recommend – if your palates are similar to ours!

  • William Church Winery: 2 Spires (new release) – a Syrah/Cabernet blend
  • Woodhouse Wine Estates: 2005 Kennedy Shah Reserve Tempranillo (new release for wine club members only)
  • Gorman Winery: The Evil Twin 2007 – (new release – also a Syrah/Cabernet blend)
  • Page Cellars: 2008 Sentimental Blonde Sauvignon Blanc (named after owner Rothelle by her husband/winemaker Jim)
  • Senoj Estates: 2007 Primitivo (a genetic twin to Zinfandel, which will be released in November)
  • Dusted Valley: 2006 BFM Red Blend (a Walla Walla winery that recently moved to Woodinville)
  • Gifford-Hirlinger: 2007 LV  (80% Cabernet Sauvignon/20% Merlot; located next door to Dusted Valley, another Walla Walla winery that recently moved to Woodinville)
  • Smasne Cellars: 2003 Bunk House Red (a library wine)
  • Davenport Cellars: 2007 Snowflake (a white blend from this Woodinville newcomer)

I expect to be writing more about these great wines and wineries in the near future.