Spam oh ridiculous spam!

I’ve had this blog now since June 2007. I’ve tried hard to encourageĀ conversation — to ask questions and get your opinions on the wines you like and why.

And while some of you have commented — and it’s been wonderful — the spam on this blog drives me crazy. In one-and-one-half years, this blog generated 53,388 spams! More than 53,000 comments that are spams. That is insane!

So please, help me keep my sanity, and start commenting more often! I’d love to hear what wine enthusiasts have to say! There’s lots to talk about the great wines of Washington state. And blogging is meant to be a discussion, so I don’t want to turn off the comments feature. Please, won’t you join in?


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One thought on “Spam oh ridiculous spam!

  1. Love too help you out but I don’t know enough about Washington wines.

    My knowledge is California wines. Specifically the Livermore Valley wines.

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