Test Your Washington Wine Knowledge for Fun

There’s a new board game called “Washington Wine Trails,” which¬†sounds both fun and educational. According to a press release, “the object of the game is to be the player with the most prestige. In the game, prestige points are awarded by collecting wine cards, (including hard to find wines that can only be found by exploring the ‘back trails’) learning about wine, and completing the game’s ‘dinner party’ collections. A player loses prestige by committing ‘faux pas’ or social mishaps that occur in the tasting room and on the wine trail.”

Now that does sound like fun! I’ve seen a few of those faux pas in many tasting rooms around here! So as you play, you learn about Washington state wine facts, wine tasting, wine¬†and food pairings, definitions, and what not to do while wine touring. The game cards feature photos of Washington state tasting rooms and local wines.

Washington Wine Trails was created by Joe Mason Seth Portteus and Dave Portteus and is sold by game Mind Games for $39.95. The book does not appear to be connected to local author Steve Roberts’ highly successful book, Wine Trails of Washington.

You can purchase the game online at www.washingtonwinetrails.com.

It sounds like a hilarious game to play on Boxing Day! (How random is that?)