40 + Winos to Follow on Twitter

I’ve been meaning to write for weeks about a blog post that called me a wino! It actually was meant as a compliment, but when I first saw it, I admit that I was taken aback. But then I became very pleased.

The mention came in a post called 40+ Winos to Follow on Twitter on the site, Drinks are on Me. I was surprised and honored to be on the list — and relieved that 40+ wasn’t in reference to my age. (That might be true, but I don’t need to advertise it!)

I don’t write tweets nearly enough on Twitter, and when I do, they aren’t always about wine; they are sometimes in relation to social media analysis and measurement, which is what I do in my day job. Nonetheless, I appreciate the shout-out and will do my best to be a true wino on Twitter.

In case you are not on Twitter, my recent tweets have been about Nicolas Cole Cellars pouring at The Local Vine in Seattle on Oct. 16 and my fun time at Woodhouse Family Cellars last weekend.