Choosing a wine club

Once upon a time, we belonged to six wine clubs. And sometimes, after lengthy tastings at amazing Washington state wineries, we came close to signing up for dozens more!

But in the last year, we decided to put the brakes on all but three wine clubs: Woodhouse Family Cellars, Alexandria Nicole Cellars and Columbia Winery

How did we decide? Those three clubs combine excellent wine, a variety events and friendly people. Through our wine clubs, we have attended elaborate tastings, incredible pairings, fiestas, release parties, vineyard tours and barbeques. We’ve met talented wine makers, creative entrepeneurs and fun PR folks.

Of course, there are more wine clubs that we’d love to join. We tried some clubs from wineries in Walla Walla and Prosser, but we prefer to pick up our wine in Woodinville rather than add to the cost with shipping fees.

How many wine clubs do you belong to and why did you choose them? Let us know!