Pedestal vs. Maghee and Kennedy Shah

We finally opened our bottle of 2004 Pedestal Merlot from the Long Shadows Vintner Collection. This fine Columbia Valley wine was created by Michel Rolland, Pomerol vintner and consultant to many of the world’s most famous wineries. The wine was excellent — full-bodied, complex and concentrated. It was the perfect wine for a special occasion.

However, we both noted that we enjoyed the 2003 Maghee Merlot from Woodhouse Family Cellars just as much. Maghee was as elegant and full-bodied as Pedestal, and at a far better price point.

And these days, I prefer the Kennedy Shah 2005 Merlot, also from Woodhouse, to any merlot on the market.

Don’t get me wrong — the Pedestal Merlot was excellent and I highly recommend it. But if you’re looking for a less expensive wine that is similar in richness, try the Maghee. Or if you want a smooth, medium-weight merlot, taste Kennedy Shah. You will not be disappointed.