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We’ve been fans of Pepper Bridge Winery since we visited its beautiful tasting room in Walla Walla a year ago. We fell in love with 2004 Pepper Bridge Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley — it’s the only wine that I actually finished an entire bottle by myself (but not in one sitting)!

We experienced the joy again recently at a Pepper Bridge tasting event at Vino Bello. The engaging winery rep R.G. shared some winery history as he poured three Amavis and the 2005 Pepper Bridge Merlot Walla Walla along with our favorite Cab. 

The 2005 Amavi Syrah — described in Seattle Magazine as a “bargain-of-the-century” at $28 for a bottle – has aromas of blueberry and dark fruit. (The tasting notes said it was also packed with aromas of violet and a hint of smoked meats, but I didn’t get a whiff of either of them.) The 2005 Amavi Cabernet Sauvignon Walla Walla is well-balanced with structure and complexity. Both Wine Spectator and The Wine News gave it a 90 rating.

I loved the description of 2005 Pepper Bridge Merlot Walla Walla by Master Sommelier Shayn Bjornholm: “sipping this wine is like driving an Aston Martin on a silk highway.”


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4 thoughts on “Pepper Bridge Winery

  1. Have you tried the 2002 Pepper Bridge Cab? Had a bottle the other night and wished I could have had the bottle to myself. It’s aged nicely and is drinking well right now. How well do you think the 2004 will age?

  2. Hi Amy,
    I just spoke with Jean-Francois (our winemaker) about this. He says the 2004 Cab will be showing its best in 3 to 6 years. However, it is quite lovely at the current time (just a bit young).

    I’m happy to hear you had such a great experience with the 2002 Cab. I agree that it is showing beautifully right now, but it is always great to hear it from someone else!

    Have a good day,
    Partner, Pepper Bridge Winery

  3. Travis and Amy,
    Thanks for your comments. I was at a Washington Wine Commission media event in advance of Taste Washington, and the 2004 Pepper Bridge Cab was a winner there too! I look forward to trying it in 3-6 years, but I think it is wonderful now.

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