St. Nick’s in the Snow

9:35 pm Wine

First, I have to say that Woodinville Wine Country and the wineries of Woodinville know how to throw a great event. We braved the predictions of snow today and went to our first Saint Nicholas Day Open House tasting, and it was fabulous! I’m sure I’ll be writing blog posts about it for days to come.

We decided, in our limited time before the snow started to fall, to visit wineries that we had never been to before. Our first stop was DeLille Cellars. This superb, renowned winery is rarely open to the public, which explains the long lineups outside and the (friendly) crowds inside. We also visited the tasting rooms of Mark Ryan Winery, where I had an opportunity to chat with the winemaker himself, Arlington Road Cellars, Baer Winery, Cuillin Hills Winery, Edmonds Winery, Page Cellars, Red Sky Winery and Woodinville Wine Cellars.

I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again. Washington state wineries make some excellent world-class wines.

I will write specifically about my favorite wines and wineries in the days ahead, in addition to special treats (appetizers, music and art) that we found at many of the tastings. I wish we had time to go back for the second day of St. Nick’s tomorrow, but we’re heading to Portland for the first time in almost ten years. And thanks to your suggestions, I’m sure we’ll find some great tastings there too.

So come back often in the next couple of weeks to read details of both St. Nick’s and our brief trip to Portland.


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