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Fritz Allhoff, the author of a new book, called Wine & Philosophy: A Symposium of Thinking and Drinking, contacted me to see if I would be interested in a good read. Because this blog is typically about Washington state wine, I asked Fritz if his new book related to the topics and readers of it. 

His response — which worked for me — was this: “The book explores the philosophical dimensions of wine and wine drinking.  I would hope that everyone who is interested in wine would be interested in thinking more critically about it and the underlying history, philosophy, and so on.  People talk about some Washington wines in the book, but it’s certainly not a book about wine in Washington.”

Specifically, the book, a compilation of essays by philosophers, wine writers, and winemakers, was published today, Oct. 29. Chapters discuss the art and culture of wine, the beauty of wine, the metaphysics of wine, and the politics and economics of wine. Heady stuff, indeed.

Tom over at Fermentation wrote an eloquent blog post, noting that “The discussion of wine can, and I think should, lead us to deeper explorations not just of meaning, but explorations of the meaning of our own experience with life and people … This is one of those rare books that actually lead us down this path.”

I look forward to reading Wine & Philosophy. Will it make a good holiday gift for a wine enthusiast or philosopher on your list?


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