Kirkland Uncorked

A couple of weeks ago, we attended Kirkland Uncorked. We were very disappointed. Maybe our expectations were too high because we had had such a great time at Washington Wine Highway a few weeks earlier. Regardless, we were not impressed. Here’s why: poor parking; canceled wine education seminars; limited retail supplies (good wine sold out quickly); and it was expensive. At Washington Wine Highway, one ticket meant one winery could pour from its best selections. (Yes, selections, plural.) At Kirkland Uncorked, one ticket translated into one pour, period.

We tasted some great wine there, though, so the day wasn’t a total loss. We enjoyed Five Star Cellars 2005 Syrah–a 100% Syrah that’s an old world blend with a full body and nice tannins. Try it with a big steak or with cheese on your deck this fall, or in front of your fireplace this winter. Another favorite was Maryhill Winery’s velvety-rich, signature Zinfandel, and its popular 2005 Winemaker’s Blend, a ruby red Bordeaux-style wine.

There were more good wines there that I’ll write about in another post. That reminds me:a wine enthusiast in New Brunswick asked me today if I found myself with more great wines than time to write about them. Write on!


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