Flock to Covey Run Reserve Series

We always enjoyed Covey Run’s decently-priced wines, but typically didn’t open them for special occasions. That’s starting to change now, with Covey Run’s Reserve Series wines. As members of Columbia Winery’s wine club, we tried the Covey Run Reserve Merlot and quite enjoyed it. The grapes come from select vineyards in the Yakima Valley and along the Columbia River border with Oregon. Chances are, you will like this merlot upon release, but it also has the deep fruit and firm structure for graceful aging.

Not only is the Reserve Merlot good, but the $20 price makes it work with almost any occasion. How good is it? Holly Leuning, the director of northwest retail operations at Constellation Wines, told me that she entertained some friends with a blind tasting of the Covey Run Reserve Merlot against six “top name” Washington state wines priced from $40 to $60. The result — in Holly’s words — the Covey Run Reserve Merlot “blew them all out of the water unanimously. For the price point ($20), they are phenomenal — definitely bang for the buck.”

Yes, Holly is in the wine marketing business. But in this case, I completely agree with her.