New Name, Same Stuff

In my first post, I called my blog “Washington State Wine Blog,” because that’s the topic of this blog — the wonderful wines of Washington state. But I noticed in the last couple of days that some wine bloggers (who have kindly welcomed me to the blogging community) referred to my blog as “Write for Wine Blog” because that’s the name of my business. I write for wine.

To keep things simple, I decided to change the name. So this post now makes it official: the name of this blog is: “Write for Wine, Washington State Wine Blog.”

So you can call it “Write for Wine Blog” or you can call it “Washington State Wine Blog.” Just please keep calling!


New wine blog friends

I want to give a shout-out to some wine bloggers whom I’ve “met” in the last couple of days. Their friendliness in welcoming me to the wonderful world of wine blogging is a perfect example of the major force behind social media — community. We have conversations. We share common interests. We are a community. And what a group of fine people have I already come across in the wine blogging community.

Catie, the Wild Woman of Walla Walla and Tom at Fermentation were the first to welcome me. Last week, Catie invited me to my first Wine Blog Wednesday, which was perfect because the topic was Washington State Cabernets. Earlier this week, Tom wrote about Write for Wine and in the same post, he discussed a new survey by Wine Opinions. The survey reports “24% of consumers in the panel read wine blogs, about double the level which read the Wine Advocate or” I loved Tom’s reaction: “I’m not even sure what this means. But I think it is important.

Speaking of Wine Blog Wednesday, WBW founder Lenn of LENNDEVOURS introduced the July 11 topic today. (You’ll have to go to LENNDEVOURS to find out!) Lenn also welcomed me to the wine blogging community in the last couple of days. Then there’s Ken over at Ken’s Wine Guide and Boston Wine Buzz. In a future post, I’m going to discuss his recommendations for Washington state wines.

Thanks everyone for the grand welcome!